2. Knitvent and Gingerbread

Homebody Socks


Ta dah! My first ever DK socks made for my Faye for her Christmas Eve box. This was a lovely pattern by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade for this year’s third pattern of Knitvent.

I used Coop Knits Socks Yeah DK yarn in the colourway Pigeon, two 50g skeins. I have knit the small size even though Faye has size 5 feet because her legs and feet are very slim. She has tried one on and it fits perfectly!

It was another fairly quick knit for me as it took me about ten days.

Rob’s Cowl

I’ve made a bit more progress on Rob’s cowl this week. I think I’m about halfway. It’s a project I can pick up whenever I have a few spare minutes because it’s quite mindless round and round knitting and purling. I’ve been keeping it in my bag everywhere I go!


Habitation Throw

Strictly speaking, this isn’t actually a WIP yet as I haven’t cast it on, but I have prepared the yarn and needles. I’m using a lot of the leftovers from last year’s Dust of Snow wrap…


…along with other 4-ply leftovers from socks. I don’t think I’ll have enough for the throw, so I’m treating myself to a set of mini skeins. I’ve never bought any before, so I’m excited about that!


Cross Stitch Santa

This is a long-standing WIP that I have dug out of the cupboard this week. It’s one of those projects that I can only work on around Christmas time and once the tree comes down, I can’t abide working on it. It just doesn’t feel right to work on something so overtly Christmas outside of December. Therefore, I doubt I’ll get it finished this year either!


Bide Shawl

This was nearly a finished project this week as I have now cast off, but I haven’t had time to block, sew in ends and photograph, so it will have to wait until next time. I have enjoyed working on this so much and look forward to wearing it!


I am also knitting some Christmas gifts, but I shall share these at the end of December.

Gingerbread Traybake

There are a few similar recipes in the Mary Berry Baking Bible for ginger cake. I hadn’t tried this one before. It is lovely, but I think the other recipe I made last year was gooier so I’d probably go back to that one next time.



Obviously at this time of year, there is not much going on in the garden. However, I did plant my tulip bulbs in pots at the weekend. I really wished I’d picked up some more bulbs though. Tulips are one of my absolute favourites and the sight of them every Spring brings me so much happiness.


It was long overdue and not finished yet, but I have been re-organising my craft room. I’ve moved around some furniture and sorted through my wool so far. I have been through some of my fabric but there are still plenty of things to do. Whilst it’s been a great job to get done, it’s also thrown up lots of new projects that I want to do – partly through the things I’ve found but also things I can work on to make my craft room even prettier! My to do list is always getting longer!


Thanks again for reading. See you again soon xx




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