5. A New Decade!

I hope you all had a wonderful time welcoming in a new year and this time a brand new decade too! We did our usual party-animal style festivities – watching films and playing board games!

I love the start of a new year in much the same way that I love the first page of a new notebook – all that possibility and nothing messed up yet! I also enjoy making lots of New Year’s Resolutions or setting goals. I usually set myself quite a few.

My making goals are:

  1. Knit every day even if it is just one row
  2. Knit myself 12 pairs of socks
  3. Knit from stash yarn as much as possible
  4. Knit myself some cardigans (as I wear them all the time)
  5. Make best friends with my sewing machine and learn new techniques
  6. Remember that crafting is fun and dabble in whatever you feel like without rules
  7. Make things for my house

I have also started a bullet journal along with Faye so this will be a nice thing for us to do together. We spent a long afternoon in Bude setting them up and she loved trying to write in a calligraphy style with brush pens.

I would really like to keep on track with my goals this year and I’m hoping by getting really organised that this will help. I’ve always kept notebooks and lists but I like the idea of recording things in the style of a bullet journal. I have another journal just for writing in each night as well. I used to do this religiously but I haven’t kept a full year going for a very long time now and that’s a shame because I know there is so much that I have forgotten about.

I’ve been listening to a podcast called ‘Happier with Gretchin Rubin’ and I like her idea of having a word for the year ahead. I have chosen ‘Organised‘. The reason behind my choice is that lots of changes happened in our life in 2019; some planned, some unexpected. As a result, I spent the year finding my feet and generally fire-fighting. It would be really nice to feel some semblance of control this year. I want to get organised and then stay organised. A large part of that is in the planning and also in forming positive habits which I plan to share a bit more of in future blog posts.

In terms of projects this week, I have been continuing to knit of my Christmas Eve socks using the beautiful Sparkle Sock yarn from Truly Hooked and using my modified version of Winwick Mum’s Basic Sock pattern…

I made a little needle-felted polar bear from a Hobbycraft kit…

My craft room is still really untidy (except for my yarn), so I want to tackle this in January and make it a beautiful, useable space. I’m planning on fair few home improvements this year so I shall share these with you too.

There is no baking to share this week, as quite frankly, we’ve all had more than enough sweet treats over the holidays and I’m definitely feeling the need to cut back.

There is also nothing in the way of gardening as I’m still deciding where I want to take that this year.

I shall hopefully have more to share with you next week, possibly a finished pair of socks at the very least!

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