7. All of the WiPs!

As part of my goal to get more organised this year, I thought I would chat today about my Works in Progress (WiPs). I don’t have millions but some of them have been hanging around for a really long time and I hope to make substantial progress with them all through the year and get most of them finished.

I used to work on one thing and try to get it finished but I have long since given that up in favour of picking up what I fancy and making progress on it. One project just isn’t practical for me and I can get bored and not work on it if I only have one, meaning I get nothing done!

My current WiPs are those that I have started working on in January. These are all fine and I have no worries about them getting completed.

Tilda Santa is my January sewing project. I am aiming to work on one sewing machine project each month and this gorgeous kit has been sitting on my shelf for the last two Christmases and I think the reason for that is that Christmas time is always too manic to make a start on a project that I’m not confident with. I’ve done almost no patchwork and quilting on my sewing machine in the past. So even though it’s January and all other Santa-related articles are safely tucked away until next December, this one is breaking all of my rules (and it’s not the only one…). But I don’t care! I’m managing to put in a couple of hours work each Saturday afternoon at the moment…

My current garment project is the Elton Cardigan by Joji Locatelli. I only cast this on a few days ago but I’m really enjoying working on it so far. I shall chat more about this in next week’s post…

I’m ahead on my sock projects, so these socks are actually my February pair. I’m knitting them with absolutely gorgeous Christmas present yarn by Dandelion and Dogwood. Again, I’ll share more details next time…

Last but not least of my current WiPS is the Homebody Mitts I’m knitting for Faye. She’s been waiting about a month for these, so I decided to cast on this weekend. They are a quick project though and should be off the needles in no time. Hopefully a  finished project for next week…

So, that brings me onto the longer term projects. Starting with Faye’s Hexies Quilt. When I started this project I knew it was going to take me years. Looking back at photos I think I started making the hexagons in 2017. They are all organised and ready to be sewn on and my aim is to finish the quilt topper by the end of the year but that will involve making lots of half hexagons as well which I haven’t even thought about yet… The good news is that just reviewing this WiP has encouraged me and I have managed to sew on an extra row this week…

Remember just before Christmas when I said I was going to work on my Santa cross stitch… Soooo, I ended up not adding one stitch to this project. I almost put it away for next Christmas but I can see exactly the same thing happening again. My new plan is to work on this cross stitch until Spring and then if it’s still not finished, pick it up again in Autumn.


Santa isn’t the only cross stitch I have unfinished. Last year, we went on our dream holiday to Florida. Shortly before we were due to go, I discovered that knitting needles were not permitted on the flight. (Oh the horror!!). I couldn’t imagine how I was going to pass all those hours of sitting without my knitting to keep me company until a friend suggested I take cross stitch. I downloaded a pattern of Etsy that fitted perfectly with our trip. This is literally what I did on the flight out and I haven’t picked it up again since! I ended up reading almost an entire book instead! Well, I’d really love to get this finished and up on the wall to commemorate our amazing holiday. This will be my spring / summer cross stitch project.

I only cast on the Habitation Throw in December and I have absolutely no plans to rush through this project. It’s my scrappy-no-deadline-knit-for-fun-whenever-I-like project and it’s just lovely to have one like that. I’m sure there will come a point in the future where I’ll want to get it finished, but for now, it’s just happy as it is.

Finally, my last WiP is the Climbing Roses Wrap by Jane Crowfoot. This was a crochet CAL in Inside Crochet magazine. It’s absolutely beautiful but I have a couple of problems with it and this is why I think this project has stalled. The yarn and the pattern are both lovely, but I’m not enjoying working on it. At first I thought it was because it’s quite tricky crochet for me, but I’m also wondering if I would ever use the finished garment. It’s quite heavy. Or it would be! I’m just not sure it’s worth the time and effort it would take to make something that I would never use. I haven’t the heart to frog what I’ve already done so I might turn it into a placemat or a cushion. I need to think about this some more. With the rest of the yarn, I’m considering making a simple granny squares throw as this is the kind of crochet I really enjoy. I’ve made a couple of squares and now I want to make more. I’m going to think about it some more anyway.

So that concludes all of my Works in Progress. It doesn’t seem too bad all laid out there. However, there are so many projects I’m looking forward to working on this year, so that’s perhaps why it feels like more in my head. I will of course keep you updated on all of my progress.

What do you think? Does that many WiPs fill you with terror or is that nothing compared with your own? I’d love to hear from you and how you plan to tackle your own!


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