9. Sewing Machine Goals

My goal for the month of February is to work on a sewing machine project every day. Even if I can only spare ten minutes, I can still cut out a piece of fabric or unpick a seam.

I mentioned in a previous post of how I’m scared of my sewing machine. By that, I really meant that I don’t much enjoy using it. I think the biggest reason for that is a lack of confidence. I used to feel the same way about knitting with dpns.

I realised that the difference between my knitting now and that of a year ago is daily practice. So my hope is that the daily practice on my sewing machine will have the same effect as knitting with those dpns did.

The bonus to that is that I work through more of my fabric!

This week I have completed an upcycling project in my sewing machine time. I have had these old baskets sitting and waiting patiently to be loved again for quite some time. The fabric inside was stained and pulled and the baskets themselves were looking tired.

I got some spray paint from Wilkinsons and sprayed them outside in the garden. I placed each basket in a large card board box so the spray paint didn’t ruin the patio and waited patiently in between to turn the sides and complete all three baskets on one dry day. The paint didn’t take too long to dry and the colour covered well.

I enjoyed looking through my fabric stash and choosing three different fabrics for the baskets. I cut up the old basket linings along the seams and measured them, adding extra for seam allowances. I will admit to getting one completely wrong and one of my evening sewing time blocks was spent unpicking!

I’m so pleased with the finished objects! It has also given me some confidence with basic sewing. The irritation came from the guesswork involved in the pattern creation but I know as I gain more experience, things like this will become easier. I just had to keep reminding myself to take my time and stop when I’d had enough.

I had a few ideas of what I’d like to tackle next, including a pretty cover for my sewing machine, a laptop sleeve and a tote bag for Faye’s music books as her current one isn’t big enough, but as these all required making up patterns, I decided to opt for a project I already had a pattern for: pyjamas!

This will be a challenging make for me as there are quite a lot of pattern pieces involved and it includes buttonholes which I have never attempted before. I’m not going to rush to get them finished; just a little step in the right direction each day.

Also this week, Faye and I repainted her beloved wooden dragon.

She decided she had gone off the bottle green colour a while back and wanted it to match her purple room. We had so much fun painting this together. I took all direction from her; she concentrated on the face and tail while I did the wings and back. We used white gesso to cover the whole thing first as it was quite dark. We left it to dry overnight then the following night started the fun painting, blending colours until she looked like a mer-dragon. Faye decided to name her Naia of the Sea!

In knitting, I have completed my Worlds Simplest Mittens! The pattern was free from Tin Can Knits on Ravelry and the beautiful yarn is by Amy Florence at Stranded Dyeworks. Aran yarn in the colourway ‘Cornerstone’.

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