Corona Diaries – Day 1

Saturday 21st March 2020

I’m not quite sure how to start this. I haven’t blogged for a while but now we’re in this new crazy, pandemic situation, I felt the urge to document the days. I think it might help me to make the best of it. I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but I feel like blogging about the things I’m doing puts a bit more purpose into my days.

Yesterday, I left work with a box of stuff in preparation for working from home on Monday. I won’t be able to do what I normally do, which is primarily arranging face-to-face courses – as there won’t be any. What I’m left with is all of those background jobs that I don’t normally have time for. I’ll talk about this more on Monday.

Faye left her school friends yesterday in what is such an abrupt way. She only started high school in September. I know how hard this all is to process as an adult so I can only imagine how confused and anxious all the children in the world are feeling. She was very upset when she got home and to add to her problems, our beloved guinea pig Fred had passed away while she was out at school.

Today, we began the day with a guinea pig funeral, and then we helped her clean out the rabbits’ hutches ( a job she would normally do by herself).

We decided it would be best to get to work on cleaning, tidying and rearranging her bedroom and my craft room so that we were ready to start home work and school on Monday. I helped her make a timetable.

Later, we played Frustration and Periodic Table Top Trumps. I also taught her the alphabet in British sign language and she taught me a Tik Tok dance (thank goodness there is no video footage!).

It has been a weird day. Totally normal in lots of ways and yet, utterly abnormal at the same time.

Tonight, we started to watch ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix. Although it’s rated a 15, Rob and I had already watched and felt it was suitable, albeit a little bit scary. Most of her friends had watched it and told her about it and she was desperate to see what it was all about. Needless to say, she really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed cuddling up together.

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