Corona Diaries – Day 4

Tuesday 24th March 2020

I had a productive work day doing lots of research for an article I’m writing. Last year, I went on a training course to become the Mental Health First Aider for our company. I’m still learning lots but I was asked to write a bi-monthly article for our newsletter. The more I read, the more I feel I need to read and with all my other work, I felt I was drowning a bit in research, but now I have all this time, I can least give it a good go.

Faye did really well again today. A few of her teachers haven’t sent anything but most of them have done an amazing job of sorting out work for them to do. Her Maths teacher in particular is going above and beyond, helping them out with other subject questions too. I can see that she is finding this tough, but I’m very proud of how she is dealing with it.

This evening I did a bit more sock knitting before we settled down to continue with ‘Stranger Things’.


Bude was on ‘The One Show’ tonight. It was lovely to see all the places we love to visit. They have such a strong community feel and it really puts my mind at rest to know that my mum and Roy are able to get their food delivered to them by the local shop. They are having to self-isolate as they are in the ‘at risk’ category. We are staying in touch with video calling and messages every day.

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