Corona Diaries – Day 6

Thursday 26th March 2020

I had ordered new desk chairs for me and Faye as our others are very pretty and okay to sit in for an hour of two but absolutely bottom-numbing and back-aching for full days. Sadly, only one turned up (the other should be coming on another delivery) but as I’ve been struggling with my back over the last month, Faye kindly said that she could wait and I should have this one. It’s completely not photo-worthy – just a dark grey office chair.

I completed the first draft of my article today and Faye successfully got through all her lessons. We are definitely getting into a new routine and enjoying a few board games in the garden at lunch times.

Faye usually has a weekly trumpet lesson and her amazing tutor arranged to do it through Zoom video conferencing instead. She said it was a bit strange but she loves her lessons and was glad not to miss any.

I didn’t have any photos again today, so I thought I’d share a few from archives…


This was her treat last year after she’s been to do her grade 1 trumpet exam. She got a very high mark and received a distinction. I was going to take her to her grade two exam on 18th March but it was cancelled the day before.

One of the things about March we’ve always loved was World Book Day. This was the first year we didn’t have to make a costume and we really missed it. So here at the World Book Day archives:

2013 WBD Dalmatian
2013 – a dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians
2015 WBD Camicazi (2)
2015 – Camicazi (from How to Train your Dragon)
2016 WBD Claude (2)
2016 – Claude
2017 WBD Bellatrix LeStrange (1)
2017 – Bellatrix Lestrange (and possible my favourite photo ever)
2018 WBD Professor Trelawney 5
2018 – Professor Trelawney
Photo 08-03-2019, 15 28 27
2019 – Professor McGonagall

In Year 6 (last year), her headteacher awarded her with a special World Book Day certificate for all the costumes we’d made over the years. She said how much she would miss her. It was so lovely.

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