Corona Diaries – Day 10

Monday 30th March 2020

It’s been a really difficult day. Faye was really feeling it. I didn’t feel as though I achieved much at work today either. And with that comes an immense amount of guilt. My boss has told me not to worry, just to take my time on my work and go slow. It sounds stupid for not doing your work as you usually would when you actually can’t, but that guilt and anxiety is there anyway.

In early March, our boss paid for us all to do a Microsoft Diploma course and we had not long got started on it, so this is something we are being encouraged to work on during quarantine too. I’m not far away from the end of the modules now and will be moving onto the test soon. I hope I can pass! I’m not sure what to expect with that at the moment. Using Excel is one thing, but being tested is quite another.

This evening, I started reading ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas. I’ve had this sitting on the shelf for a while; it has very good reviews so I have high expectations.

I’m getting on well with my March socks too. The novelty of Frustration (the board game) at lunch time has worn off for Faye this week so I’ve found a bit of extra knitting time here. I’m on the gusset of sock two now. I don’t think they will be complete before the month is over though.

I’m already thinking about yarn choice for my April socks…

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