Corona Diaries – Day 12

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Pinch, punch, first of the month…

Over breakfast this morning, I was telling Faye about an April fools joke that backfired…

When I was in Year 6 at primary school, me and two friends ‘decorated’ our teacher’s car with shaving foam. I remember putting my bag on my peg and waiting with nervous excitement over his reaction. I had no idea he would come charging into the classroom, face puce, eyes bulging, dangerously whisper-shouting, ‘Who has done that to my car? Confess now! You are in serious trouble!’ (or words to that effect, it was a long time ago!). I got that sensation of all my vital organs plummeting to my feet. I swallowed. My friends and I glanced at one another and then (being the good students we were), nervously raised our hands.

It was one of the worst moments of my school life. We had thought it was a bit of fun. To me, his car looked like an old banger. How was I to know it was his pride and joy? We had to clean it all off, shivering in the cold spring sunshine and crying at our disgrace.

As I was telling Faye she was staring at me in awe, never believing I would have had the nerve. When I look back as an adult, I can understand his anger but I was reflecting that it was only a bit of shaving foam and maybe that reaction was a bit strong. I text my friend (one of my partners in crime) to say I had just remembered about it. Then she reminded me that we had also written all over it in her mum’s bright pink lipstick…

It’s funny how things come back to you. I wonder what we’ll be remembering about this part of our lives in twenty years time. Today, the statistics were even scarier as over 500 people in the UK died from the coronavirus. I’ve been limiting my news viewing to once a day. It’s on all day long and you could really drive yourself mad with it all. There is a line between staying informed and making sure you’re still following the advice, and becoming a worrying, anxious ball of mess.

After work today, I took the time to do a short course on Udemy about speed reading. It was interesting, although a bit tedious in parts. I felt like I learned some good tips that might help me get through the ‘Just My Type’ book a bit quicker!

I also drew out my April page in my bullet journal. More about bullet journalling another day.

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