Corona Diaries – Day 15

Saturday 4th April 2020

We had a very indulgent day. Last night, we had decided that we would do something we had never done before… binge-watch an entire series in a day! Faye was so excited she woke up really early. I made us the most indulgent breakfast I could come up with: chocolate waffles with cherries and a dollop of vanilla ice cream – essentially dessert for breakfast!


We spent the day watching ‘Stranger Things’ Series 3 (which is slightly less scary when it’s not dark outside). I did have to spoil a bit of the fun and punctuate each episode with a chore of some description but I think we got through them quicker so we could all sit down again!

We had a thoroughly lovely day. I wore my Robin socks and wound up the ball for my April socks. I have chosen ‘Fetchingly Draped Against the Wall’ by Truly Hooked. It’s a Frozen-inspired colourway and I love it. As I was winding it up and watching Stranger Things, I also thought it has a kind of 80s feel to it…


I cast on as well. I’m using some leftover pink yarn that I used on a shawlette I made for Faye for her prom last year. She didn’t end up wearing it as it was too warm! She looked so beautiful…

2019-06-09 09.53.212019-06-09 09.53.21-1-2IMG_2369

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