Corona Diaries – Day 17

Monday 6th April 2020

Faye’s Easter holidays have started and she has spent the day drawing characters from Stranger Things. I shall try to get some pictures if she’ll let me.

My work day was very productive as there were no homeschooling distress calls and I feel like I’m settling into my work from home routine a bit more now.

We had to split our male bunnies up today as they are attacking each other. They’ve always been really boisterous but we can’t risk them getting injured right now and there have been numerous accounts of hair pulling out in the last week. I hadn’t managed to get them in for neutering yet and there is no chance of that now so I saw no other option.


Earlier this year, when they were partners in crime, digging a hole!

Today, I left the house/garden for the first time in 17 days. I drove Rob to Tesco. He has been out twice to get food but we needed a bit of a bigger shop today. I stayed in the car and read my book while he did the shop. It was surreal to see the queue outside and people wearing masks.

The news today is that Boris Johnson is in intensive care with the coronavirus. Hope he gets well soon.

Rob’s movie choice tonight was ‘Roxanne’ – an old film starring Steve Martin. I’d never seen it and Rob remembered it to be funny… We were all a bit disappointed though! It’s not one I’d watch again!

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