Corona Diaries – Day 20

Thursday 9th April 2020

Hooray! I got through my last day of work and now I’m ready to start the Easter holidays. I’m pleased because I got to a place on the task I was working on that felt like a good place to finish (and that I hopefully won’t be confused to pick up again in ten days time!).

To mark the occasion, Rob and Faye made chocolate eclairs and they were amazing! Clearly I’m not concerning myself with trying to diet in these unprecedented times!


On my lunch break today, I read a short book: ‘The Nightshift before Christmas’ by Adam Kay. I read his first book ‘This is Going to Hurt’ last year and really enjoyed it – both hilarious and upsetting. This was just as good, albeit on a tiny scale.


I find myself looking forward to our weekly few minutes of clapping on the door step for the NHS and all the key workers. Goodness me, where would we be without them? Our street really goes for it. There is even someone down the other end letting off a firework each week! Perhaps they’d been planning a party before all this happened.

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