Corona Diaries – Day 23

Sunday 12th April 2020

Easter Sunday

We had a lovely day. We treated Faye to a few more things than usual this year as we won’t be going out anywhere. It was strange to have an Easter Sunday and not have anyone round for dinner. We couldn’t get any hot cross buns either so we had fruit loaf for breakfast instead.


We watched Frozen 2 ( absolutely love the songs in it) and then my Dad popped by to drop off some chocolates for Faye. We followed all the guidelines and he stayed by his car at the bottom of the drive. I think it’s the first time in my life where I’ve seen him and not been able to give him a hug. He got a bit emotional before he left, bless him.

In the afternoon, I decided to crochet some rainbows to hang in the window while we continued watching ‘Lost in Space’. I had the idea from Ali over at Little Drops of Wonderful (I love her vlog) and found a free pattern on Ravelry by Sandra at Cherry Heart. They turned out lovely. I threaded them with florists wire so they would keep their shape.


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