Corona Diaries – Day 28

Friday 17th April 2020

After yesterday’s sloth-like mood, I’ve been much more productive today! Faye and I gave her trumpet a bath. This has to be done every few months, so we try to reserve it for the school holidays. We have special little cleaning brushes that make it pretty easy and Faye knows how to add the sliding grease and valve oil to put it all back together again. I always have to watch a YouTube tutorial before we take it apart!

We cleaned our bedrooms and I finished Ferdinand Fox (kit by House of Zandra). He doesn’t look quite right due to my error. His hat has to sit over his ears but I still think he looks rather handsome and very much like Sherlock Holmes. It felt good to complete a project, especially one that has been sitting in waiting for a while.

We braved Tesco this afternoon. I sat in the car while Rob went in. Sadly there were no eggs today so I still can’t bake my chocolate brownies. He did manage to get most other things though. We have ordered eggs from the milkman but he didn’t bring any last week. Fingers crossed he’s able to get some this week. We shall see!

In other news, I got my results back for my Microsoft Excel test and I passed. Yay! I got 83.5 out of 88 marks, so I’m really pleased with that. I’m moving onto Microsoft Word next.

I’ve been reading ‘Clash of Kings’ over the last few weeks. I decided as it’s not a portable book to read a chapter with my coffee each morning. I’m about 500 pages in now and I am enjoying it but some of the story drags in parts. I think having watched the series on TV first makes reading it a bit harder as I know what will happen. I know the books are different to the TV series. I really want to persevere because I want to see how different the ending will be when he finally publishes the last book.

I’m doing well on my April socks. I have finished the first sock and cast on for the second. I’m just doing a few rows each day at the moment.

I’m soldiering on with my Elton cardigan. I’ve set myself a target to knit at least one stripe a day (which is 4 rows). I tried it on through one sleeve and was amazed to see how much it had grown, so this has spurred me on a bit. I shall resist a new cast on for now although there is no harm in thinking about it and squishing some yarn!

Hope you have a nice evening. We started watching the ITV show ‘Quiz’ last night about the man who cheated on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’. I’m really enjoying it so far and found it fascinating what went on. It made me feel really naive in some ways to think that those syndicates for organised cheating were really going on. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the episodes. I thought I’d remembered watching it originally but my mum told me it hadn’t actually been shown. I looked it up and it seems only a programme about the scandal had been aired.

One thought on “Corona Diaries – Day 28

  1. Pity about the eggs and baking. Glad to see my memory served me well, let me know whether or not you think they did it when you’ve watched all of the episodes. Xx

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