Corona Diaries – Day 31

Monday 20th April 2020

Back to reality today; well, our new reality of home work and school. It was a bit of a shock to the system after a week of doing what I want only to find myself in the same space having to do things I don’t want!

I always feel better once I’ve written some plans down on paper and I had a good online catch up with my work friends too.

At lunch time, I baked chocolate brownies. The milkman had brought us eggs this morning so I could finally do some baking. I had a sort of disaster though and this doesn’t make me look very intelligent… but if you understand that I was under a time limit (lunch hour) it might explain why I was such an idiot…

I had the idea to make mini Creme egg brownies as I’d seen on various pictures (most likely on Pinterest or Instagran) but I never took the time to look up how exactly they did this…

So yes, they all sank to the bottom and did not look pretty. Taste-wise, they are delicious and you get these chewy surprise chunks… Okay, not my finest baking moment, but I like to keep things real over here.

I also found out those slate markers I mentioned a while back. I only had four so had to be selective with my labels. I would love to get some more the same once the world is back to normal again.

I did do some more cross stitch this evening whilst we watched our family movie. Tonight, we chose Dumplin’ on Netflix and all really enjoyed it.

Hope you survived another Monday xx

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