Corona Diaries – Day 32

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Another beautiful day, although I was working at my computer through most of it. I got up early and did some more on my cross stitch. I’m really enjoying working on it. It’s the project I can’t wait to pick up when I have a spare moment.

I finished reading Wonder tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m going to start Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams next. I’m still chipping away at Clash of Kings too. I love reading so much!

In other news, the spinach in the polytunnel has started growing…

I’m doing well on my second sock for April but conscious of the fact there are now only nine days left in the month and it seems unlikely I’ll get them finished, but we shall see!

I also wanted to share how much my Faye loves to draw. She spent most of her Easter holidays drawing and now has a huge display of Stranger Things pictures…

I’ve signed up to Bluprint (previously Craftsy) so that we can take some drawing classes together. There are so many good ones, we can’t wait to try them out. There are also classes in loads of other things that I’m interested in, so I hope I’ll find it a really useful and interesting source of information.

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