Corona Diaries – Day 33

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

We had a tough day. Faye got a bit overwhelmed with school work when she discovered she’d missed quite a few things this week and was now behind. I decided in the end to just get her to spend the afternoon on her art project while I went through all her emails to work out what she still needed to get done and where she had gone wrong. She’s missed a few because they were being sent by different teachers to her usual ones and also lots of kids keep ‘replying to all’ on teacher emails so she hadn’t seen the original one with the work on it and thought that the others were from group chats. Some of the departments are giving work for the week on different days to normal and others are doing it daily. Some want the work sending back in. Others want her to mark her own. To be honest, it took me a while to sift through it all myself. It’s such a stressful time for the teachers too and they are just working it out as they go as well, so nobody’s fault – just another pandemic thing, I suppose.

Her art project was to make ‘paints’ using tea and coffee and then draw a still life from the kitchen. Rob helped her mix up various teas in the kitchen and she had a lot of fun doing it.

I joined her at lunch time and was interested to see what would happen on fabric so I found an old scrap of organic cotton and had a little play.

She finished up around 3pm and had visibly calmed down by then. At 5pm it was time for her online trumpet lesson but I couldn’t get the microphone to work on my laptop! I faffed around for half an hour but we gave up and rearranged for tomorrow. I think I have got it working now and I went through every setting on my laptop. Fingers crossed!

Before dinner, I went into the garden to water the seeds, dahlias, potatoes and strawberries. There is so much more I want to plant but I can’t get any compost. Our own compost isn’t quite up to pots. It’s fine for mulching around plants though. I decided to have a go at sieving it and see if I could get anything useable for seeds…


At this time of year, the bins always contain more brown than green waste
This is the contents from nearest the hedge and is the most broken down and good for mulching
I sieved the compost into the bucket to remove any big pieces, eg twigs, clumps of hay etc (I put the large pieces back into the second compost bin).
This was the result. I shall try using it and see what happens!

I’m afraid I don’t have any pretty project pictures to share today as there wasn’t time for any and I was just too exhausted this evening to do anything more than one round on my crochet blanket.

Tomorrow is a new day! xx

3 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Day 33

  1. Oh poor Faye I’m not surprised she was overwhelmed by all those confusing emails! I wonder if a local garden centre might be able to supply you with compost? After trying everywhere else online I tried our local one and they delivered the same day! They hadn’t even hiked their prices up either unlike most online shops.
    A x


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