Corona Diaries – Days 34 & 35

Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th April 2020

I’ve just spent the last two days working and helping Faye with home school followed by a bit of stitching or crochet in the evening and some reading, which means I don’t have anything much to share with you over here that you haven’t already seen.

I’m going to take a little break from the diaries now and return to blogging when I have something to share. It may be in a few days or weeks!

This is me

I hope you have enjoyed a little of what I have shared in the last 35 days. Thanks for reading.

Stay safe xx

One thought on “Corona Diaries – Days 34 & 35

  1. Thought I’d catch up with your diaries whilst sat in bed with my morning coffee! I’ll be working my way backwards and hopefully it won’t be long before there’s a new blog post for me to read. Always love your updates!

    A x


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