Corona Diaries – Days 44-50

Sunday 3rd -Saturday 9th May 2020

Hello, how are you doing? I hope you’ve had a lovely week. We’ve had another productive week here with work and home school, and I’ve squeezed in as much crafting time as possible too.

Things have picked up a little for me with work this week so I have been busy fitting it in around home school. Faye has learned a lot this week, some of which has been about the Battle of Stamford Bridge; volcano case studies; back to basics in French; squared, cubed and triangular numbers in Maths; writing a script in drama; science was reproduction, atoms, and magnetism; creating colours from plants for experimenting in art; designing a logo in technology; and focusing on His Dark Materials in English. And that was in four days as Friday was a bank holiday! They are certainly keeping the work coming in, and she is doing brilliantly.

I have one finished object to share with you this week, and as usual it’s a little late… but I finished my April socks! Ta dah! I love how they have turned out. For the main colour, I used ‘Fetching Draped Against the Wall’ from Truly Hooked and the heels, toes and cuffs were knit using spare yarn from a previous project (more information in this post).


I was really stuck on which colours to use for my May pair so I enjoyed getting out all my yarn and giving it a good squeeze before selecting the West Yorkshire Spinners ‘Peony’ for the main colour and ‘Poppy Seed’ for the contrast heels, toes and cuffs. I love the combination of grey and pale pink but I don’t think I would have put them together if I hadn’t got all the yarn together, so it was happy accident.


I’m already making good progress. I think I can comfortably make a sock in about 8 days, fitting it around all the other things and having around two hours of knitting time each day. I’m going to try to work this out properly when I cast on the second sock and I might put it in my Instagram stories.

My other main work in progress this week has been my cross stitch. I have loved working on this so much that it has hindered my reading progress as I have stayed up later stitching instead of going to bed to read!


Speaking of books, this week I have read ‘Dear Mrs Bird’ by AJ Pearce. I think it was the perfect book to read at this time as it really puts into perspective the whole ‘stay at home’ thing. It’s set in World War II and whilst I did enjoy it, I felt short-changed by the ending. It would have to be 3.5 star read for me.

I’m now about halfway through ‘Good Girl, Bad Blood’ by Holly Jackson and I’m really enjoying it so far.


In the garden, I have sown some seeds finally this week. I’m using compost from my garden compost bins and it wasn’t really ready for use but I can’t seem to get any compost so I decided to just give it a whirl. I only have seeds from previous years too and not much so it’s just going to be a mishmash of whatever will grow this year. I’ve sown kale, purple sprouting broccoli, courgettes, cosmos and dahlias. The rocket and spinach I sowed a while back is growing okay (not brilliantly) and I may try to sow some more this week.


The alliums are just starting to open and it looks highly likely that we’ll have our first blackcurrants this year. I bought a cheap plant in Morrisons last year but it was far too tiny and bashed up. I just planted it and thought I’d see what happens.


I baked some lemon cupcakes this week and sadly used up the last of the flour and caster sugar, and we didn’t manage to get any more on this week’s food shop. We froze half of them for enjoying another week.


On Friday, it was 75th anniversary of VE Day and my neighbour posted through some colouring in bunting sheets so we had fun doing those. I also attempted to curl my hair for the occasion.


Early on Saturday, I took a walk on my own along the canal and it was so beautiful. I didn’t see many people as it was so early, just the odd dog walker.


I feel as though I have rambled on a bit this week as there was a lot to share. If you managed to read down this far – very well done and thank you! See you next week xx


6 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Days 44-50

  1. I loved this post; you had such a full week. That is a huge hare! I think your hair looks lovely. I am envious of the progress you made in the garden. We just had snow and hail in the last two days. You did a beautiful job on those socks.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Everything survived. I deliberately left the flower beds covered when I did some raking the other week. You had to see the size of the hail yesterday! And loud thunder. My kinda weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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