Corona Diaries – Days 51-57

Sunday 10th – Saturday 16th May 2020


I have managed to finish a sock this week!

Sometimes, I like to split down the process into 8 sections: 1) the cuff; 2) 25 rounds on the leg; 3) 25 rounds on the leg; 4) heel turn; 5) gusset decreases; 6) 25 round on foot; 7) 25 rounds on foot; 8) toe and sew in ends. Most of the time, it is possible for me to complete one of these in a day (in between everything else).

This was my focused project for the week. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy having a few different projects to pick up, so while I might try my best to complete a ‘sock section’, I can also pick up any other project I feel like doing once this has been completed. I know this might sound weird but it does work and help me to get things completed. I’m making it sound like a chore, but I don’t mean to. I think I just work best with goals!

I haven’t done much more work on my Disney cross stitch this week. I looked up where I bought the pattern from and it was on Etsy: Stitches Lovers Shop. There are lots of lovely pdf patterns and I have my eye on the next one!

I’d like to try to do a cross stitch or embroidery every year to hang in my hallway. I’ll have to show you some that are hanging there now but I’ll need to check back through my photos to find out the years! Officially, this Disney cross stitch will be my 2019 hoop as this was to commemorate our trip to Florida, so I still need to do another for this year. I might do a Corona Diary style embroidery for 2020!


For this week’s baking treat, Rob made some Portuguese tarts as we are struggling to get flour at the moment. They don’t look particularly appetising but they tasted great. With him being furloughed he’s taken over in the kitchen and I’ve missed it a bit, but he is back to work next week so I’ll be doing a bit more of the cooking and baking again.


Flowers are starting to pop up everywhere in the garden now. I feel as though I’m getting my gardening mojo back now. I lost it completely last year and let the garden go a bit wild. It’s been hard work getting it back and there is still a lots to do, but I have been out weeding at 5pm every night (as soon as I finish working from home) and while at first is was a chore, I now find I look forward to getting outside again. This makes me very happy!

I have put straw under my strawberries and covered with netting this week to protect them from greedy pigeons.


I finished ‘Good Girl, Bad Blood’ by Holly Jackson on Monday night. I really enjoyed this. It was a sequel to ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ but I thought it was just as good as the first one.

Next, I read ‘Transcription’ by Kate Atkinson. I loved all of her Jackson Brodie series and think she is a brilliant writer but this one fell short on plot for me.

Now, I’m reading ‘One of Us is Lying’ by Karen M McManus. This is another young adult book about a crime. I’m really enjoying it so far!

General Chit-Chat

Some days have been really difficult this week. Since the announcement that people who can’t work from home should go back to work last Sunday (in England), Rob has been messed around so much being furloughed for a few days then back to work. It’s such a worrying time and now his company are saying there will be mass redundancies coming so it’s frightening times.

At other times, I have felt like this new way of living is completely normal. It’s crazy how you start to get used to things. Every day, we get up and begin our work and home school. I’m someone who needs a routine, and I have constantly tweaked this over the last seven weeks to find out how best to get things done and still enjoy life as much as possible. Some days it goes to plan and others you just have to put down to experience. You begin to wonder if life can ever return to the way it was before. I think with all the new ways we are having to do things, we are discovering that the old way perhaps wasn’t always the most efficient and therefore I can see that the future will hold lots of changes for us all. We are living through a big historical point in time that future generations will discuss, as we do the World Wars. It’s hard to see it when you are living it, isn’t it?

I hope you are muddling through okay and taking solace in your crafts, your garden, your kitchen and your books xx


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