Corona Diaries: Days 65-71

Sunday 24th – Saturday 30th May 2020


I’ve made almost no progress on any of my projects this week. Some weeks just go that way. Every evening, I’ve found that I’m too tired to pick up my socks.

I feel as though I have been stuck on the same projects for weeks now and want to inject a bit of oomph back into my making, so I might cast on a shawl soon. I’ve also made my yarn choice for my June socks but I’ll talk about that more next week!).


No baking either this week! I now have fully stocked supplies again so there will be baking again in the near future.


We have done lots of gardening this week. We have painted our fences, lots of weeding, more seed sowing, and potting on.

Faye and I have created a new border in preparation for our raspberry canes which are on order. It was really hard work and we haven’t quite finished yet. Faye enlisted the help of our digger-in-chief, Sirius. It was quite funny and he actually did help!

We took our first visit to the garden centre on Monday and it was just absolutely lovely to walk around. I bought a new David Austen Rose, ‘The Ancient Mariner’ and Clematis ‘Samaritan Jo’ that I want to climb up and over my front fence. I planted it behind my elderflower so I’m hoping it’s not too dark in that corner – only time will tell.

I finally set up my peas and beans structure as I managed to get some seeds. These were direct sown on Monday so now it’s just a waiting game.

I’ve not had a great experience this year with posted plug plants so far. They arrived very dry and some had been squashed. I’ve potted them on as soon as they arrived and I’m hoping they will revive.

I’m still waiting for my garden ready annuals that I ordered two weeks ago. All of my pots are prepared and waiting their arrival.

The garden is really coming into flower now…


I’ve mostly been listening to the audiobook of ‘Lethal White’ by Robert Galbraith this week while gardening. Much like the knitting, I have been too tired to read in the evenings.

General Chit-Chat

In normal times, this week was Half Term. For now, this meant that Faye had no home school and Rob had a week off work. Sadly, I was still working and things have ramped up a bit this week as we look into new forms of training.

I know this will sound crazy given that we’re now over 70 days into this new life routine, but the visit to the garden centre really hit home about just how weird this whole thing is. Do you ever have those moments of absolute clarity as if you are the omniscient narrator of your life, looking down on the scene before you? It’s not that I want to go out shopping or to the cinema or the swimming pool, or that I’m particularly missing any of those things – it just sort of hit me that I can’t. They’re closed. I realise I’m stating the obvious here but I’ve been loving life in my own little bubble so much and had just accepted the way things were. I think that’s how I cope with big changes. It takes me a few days to accept it and work out how to make the best of it, and then I get on with it. I knew I loved being home but I don’t think I quite realised just how comfortable I am being in it constantly.

We have been doing lots of house rearranging, sorting and organising this week. I have some new furniture on order and we have given our old table and chairs to a new home. I was sad to say goodbye to them as they were my nan’s and I have repainted them twice…


150725_337153849717598_268392483_n13442174_10154186295012158_3134783038239400187_n16649293_10154970284912158_7230913190935258683_n2017-06-13 17.56.21

The table and chairs have been well photographed over the years and hold lots of lovely memories.

17951591_10155139875937158_8357606188055064432_n2017-12-02 10.11.3812-79img_5510

We wanted to get a smaller table that could be extended when needed to create more space in the kitchen. Our new set should be arriving next week!

So in conclusion, this week has felt really busy and productive but not very creative. I’m looking froward to having more craft time next week! xx



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