Corona Diaries – Days 72-78

Sunday 31st May – Saturday 6th June 2020


I have finished my May socks this week! Ta dah!

I love the colour choices for my June socks. The main colour is MCN fingering weight yarn from ‘Stranded Dyeworks’ in the colourway ‘Impromptu’ and the contrast is West Yorkshire Spinners¬† Signature 4-ply in ‘Honeysuckle’.

I have also cast on a brand new project this week – the ‘Amulet Shawl’ by Curious Handmade. I’m making the large shawl using two beautiful stash yarns: Lay Family Yarn in the colourway ‘Jack Frost’ and Stranded Dyeworks BFL Nylon in the colourway ‘Gloom’.


This week I made Rock Buns from a Mary Berry recipe.

We had some bananas on the turn so I also made chocolate banana bread using an online recipe from BBC Good Food. It turned out really nicely so I would definitely use it again.


It’s been quite a rainy week here so I haven’t done as much in the garden, aside from some weeding and deadheading.

I didn’t have any tomato seeds when we went into lockdown and despite ordering some plug plants about 6 weeks ago, they still haven’t turned up. So on 23rd May, I took some seeds from a few shop bought tomatoes and dried them out on kitchen paper. I sowed them in seed trays with compost the following day and by 31st May they had germinated! They are now developing their true leaves and I will pot them on when they have a few more leaves. I’ll be honest and say they might be too late to get a good harvest now but that really depends on what kind of autumn we have. In years passed, I have been picking red tomatoes into October because it was still warm and sunny. Often, gardening can be all about luck!


I haven’t read much this week, just a reread of ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell which I last read in high school!

General Chit-Chat

Our new table and chairs arrived on Sunday afternoon and I love them.

It’s been a busy work week and I have felt like this week zipped by so quickly and I didn’t achieve much, but then I write my blog and realise that I did manage to do quite a bit!

I hope you had a good week xx