September 2020 Making Review

It’s a bit of a late round up of last month and I hope to get back into blogging a bit more now. Life is starting to settle into more of a routine with our new puppy, Cosmo, and Faye going back to school. I’m still working from home and I love it. There are parts of working in the office that I miss but I must admit, I prefer being at home.

Life just feels so much more relaxed in lots of ways. I realise that is not the case for everyone and I feel very lucky to feel this way. But for me, home is my happy place and I get to be in it every day. I’m getting to spend all this time with Cosmo that in normal life, just wouldn’t have been the case. It’s so peaceful sitting in my kitchen and getting on with my work, then I can just shut down my laptop, pack it all in a bag and start the dinner! I can also go to my craft room on my lunch break or pop out into the garden or take Cosmo for a walk. An office lunch break is sat at your desk or walking around the town and is definitely not as nice as this.

It’s so easy to feel despairing with the way life is currently. There are many things I miss. But I think it’s crucial to also focus on the little gifts this strange time can give us too. One day, we will look back on this and it will be this major historical point that changed so many things. Living through something is so different to reading about a past event. I’m finding it hard to say what I mean here… I suppose if you consider how people just got on with their daily life during the World Wars and didn’t stop to think about how generations later, people would marvel at how they coped and what they went through. They just got on with it. Each week, each day, each hour, each minute… living with that new normality. That’s what we’re doing now. It’s not the same situation, of course, but it’s comparable in that it is something that is affecting the whole world and it’s changed the way we live.

I wonder how Faye will remember this time in her life. How it could affect her future. The uncertainty is the anxiety-inducing thing. But it’s something we will just have to roll with and deal with things as they come up.

How are you feeling about everything? Are you able to take time to focus on the little delights in your new normal life?

Finished Projects

So onto all things crafty after that deep and meaningful start! With a new puppy in the house, crafting time hasn’t been as fruitful. I tried to work on small projects that wouldn’t be tempting for him to chew on and only got my knitting out when he was asleep to begin with! I do have some FOs for you though, so I’m pleased about that!

I started and finished my Apple Gradient socks for August (ahem) this month. I got a bit behind with my one pair of socks per month goal for 2020, but it’s fine. I’m almost back on track now.

I shared this yarn in my last review blog. I purchased it from Sophie at Pixie Yarn. This was the ‘Hey Little Apple Blossom’ mini skein set of 5 x 20g merino nylon sock 4 ply. It’s so soft and beautiful. I really like how they’ve turned out. I sort of wished that I had continued into the foot with the heel colour to make the gradient blend better but I didn’t.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I joined in with a community craft group over lockdown to help out with knitting and crochet and sewing. I made face masks for them back in July and I’ve also knitted a few bears. This month they wanted to create a Community Quilt to display with the them of ‘Lockdown’, so I completed two squares for it. I really enjoyed embroidering as I haven’t done any for ages. I think it may have woken up a sleeping craft desire and I may have more embroideries in my future!

I was sorting in my craft room as I like to do (all the treasure!) and found a box of hexies that I made for Faye’s quilt but when I laid out all the pieces (a long time ago now!), I realised it was too big and I needed to remove some. I knew I would use them for something one day and I just had the urge to whip something up quickly, so I made Hexies Bookmarks for gifts for my Aunties birthdays at the end of the month. They both enjoy reading so I made these to go with the book gifts.


I tried so hard to get my Ice cream socks for September finished before the end of the month but I just ran out of steam. Having a new puppy is hard work! So unfortunately, this is still a WIP but very close to being finished. I shall give the yarn details next time when they are finished.

I cast on the Sonder Shawl at the start of the month, but only made it about halfway as the weather warmed up and it was too warm to work with that very chunky yarn. Also, as it got longer, I couldn’t guarantee that the end draping down my legs wouldn’t be too tempting for Cosmo to chew, so it’s been shelved until it’s colder and my puppy training is better. Although, I must admit, he is a clever little sausage and is learning soooo quickly.

I wrote about the Battenberg Blanket in the previous blog post but it’s essentially a free pattern from Sandra at Cherry Heart and is beautiful and mindless. Perfect for puppy watching! I’ve made quite a few squares so far but this will definitely be a very long-term project to pick up and put down whenever I feel in the mood for it

Knit and Natter

I thought I’d add this little section to my monthly blog review so I could have a space to chat about some of the projects I’m thinking about. As I said earlier, I really would like to do some embroidery. I’m thinking some pretty wall art in hoops to start me off.

I’ve also been thinking about trying do some more sewing. Sewing all those face masks in the summer made me more comfortable with my sewing machine. Perhaps I need to do more simple sewing like this before I try more dressmaking. Having said that, I did enjoy making Faye’s dresses in August as they were really simple too. Now I’m working in the kitchen (perfect situ for the inevitable puppy house training), I have my craft room back and can leave projects out on my desk.

I always wish I had more time for making but I doubt there would ever be enough free time to enable me to make all the things I’d like to.

My main goals for October will be to get back on track with my sock knitting and to finish my Disney cross stitch. Here is where I was when I last worked on it:

I still have a long way to go but I think it’s doable. Famous last words!

Until next time, Happy Making! xx

2 thoughts on “September 2020 Making Review

  1. I was very happy to be working from home. I found a nice rhythm and enjoyed the easy access to nature. At school, my office is an interior one and a window work near is a dream come true. That being said, it is unnatural to work for a school and not have the tiny humans around. I missed them terribly.
    All of your projects are lovely, but I really love the embroidery. I haven’t done any in a while.

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