13. Pumpkins, Poppies and Progress

It’s been the half-term holidays this week in the UK, so Faye has been home from school. I’ve still been working from home but it’s been nice to have some company in the house, and another pair of eyes to watch Cosmo!

Faye loves Halloween, so we always decorate the house. She really enjoys painting our faces on Halloween too and although we won’t be trick or treating this year, we still plan to paint faces anyway.

On Thursday evening, we played with some polymer clay and made some Halloween inspired mini ornaments for the twiggy tree. It was a lovely craft session with non-stop chattering and lots of giggling at the things we were making ๐Ÿ˜†

I should have out something in so you could see the scale. They are all around thumbnail size.

This week, I baked a coffee and walnut traybake using a recipe from Mary Berry’s ‘Baking Bible’. It was delicious!

Weโ€™re planning to bake some cupcakes over the weekend and decorate them for Halloween.

I’ve been meaning to make some fabric pumpkins for a few years now, so I’m thrilled that I finally made the time to do it. I bought some fat quarters and cut them in half (so I only used half of each fabric), sewed the short sides with the material right-side together on my sewing machine. Then I did a running stitch around the bottom and pulled it tight and secured it, stuffed the pumpkin with toy filling, then did another running stitch around the top. I sewed down through the centre of the pumpkin and back up a few times and pulled the thread tight to create an indent in the pumpkin. On two of them, I ran some lengths of embroidery thread through the centre as a finishing touch. For the stalks, I just rolled up some felt and used a glue gun to secure them in place.

I crocheted this cute little pumpkin mouse using a pattern by Kate Eastwood using cotton dk yarn from my stash. He’s been on my making wishlist for a while now too, so it felt good to finally make him.

The local community craft group put a call out for handmade poppies that they need to create a display. I managed to complete 50 with the yarn I had.

Sock progress has been a little slow this week. I have only picked up my Leaky Cauldron socks but Iโ€™ve just done the heel turn and thatโ€™s it. All that sock knitting last week and barely any at all this week!

My main project this week has been crocheting my Cath Kidston-inspired Granny Square Blanket. I was hopeful that I could get this finished before the end of the month but I always forget how long it takes to complete a round when the blanket gets to this size. I’m really close to finishing but sadly have run out of three colours and need to order some more. This will leave me with leftover yarn but I can add the green and blue to Cosmo’s blanket. Speaking of the little monkey, he’s been ‘helping’ me…

I did have grand plans to complete the Disney Cross Stitch this month too, but it was just a stretch too far, and it was a project I just didn’t feel like picking up all that much. Saying that, I have made significant progress on it and I have ordered a hoop big enough to display the finished piece.

Sometimes setting goals really spurs me on and at other times, it puts me off working on things, perhaps because it feels unachievable or having the deadline takes away the fun of it. At this time of year, with the nights drawing in, I always feel so lethargic. Like my body is going into hibernation mode! I think it’s best to just take things one day at a time and enjoy working on whatever project I feel like without imposing deadlines on myself. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what I finish or when! It’s a hobby!

I was so happy that Knitvent 2020 started this week. This is a 6-project KAL by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade. Having taken part the last two years and really enjoying it, I took the opportunity to buy the early bird pattern collection. The first pattern was released this week and I couldn’t wait to cast on, particularly after I had organised my mini skeins!

Happy crafting! xx

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