14. Finishing WIPs and Knitvent Fun

It’s been an unsettling week, not least with the news of a November lockdown in the UK, but our rabbit, Ginny, has gone missing. We believe she has escaped through a small hole in the fence after Faye left the door to her run open on Sunday afternoon (oh, the poor love feels so bad). We have been carrying out a search and have lots of people involved helping us. She has been sighted once in the street behind our house so I just hope she can find her way back to us if we don’t manage to get to her first. I’m sure you can imagine, this week has been rather upsetting.

In crafty news, I have managed to finish my ‘Leaky Cauldron’ socks using the beautiful yarn from Biffsugar Yarns and my modified Winwick Mum Basic Sock pattern. I was a bit more adventurous and adding a purl panel down the front of the socks for a change. This is my 10th finished pair this year and I’m still on track to complete my goal of 12 pairs this year. In fact, I’m wondering if I might sneak in an extra pair or two if I can.

I have another finished project! I was hoping to get this completed at the end of last week but I ran out of yarn so I had to order some more. It arrived earlier this week and I crocheted as fast as I could as I really wanted to start using this blanket.

I crocheted my Cath Kidston-inspired Granny Square Blanket in Stylecraft Special DK in the following colours using a 3.5mm hook:

  • White
  • Lipstick
  • Soft Peach
  • Fondant
  • Cypress
  • Buttermilk
  • Storm Blue

This has been on the hook since February, so it feels like a big achievement to have finished it. I was inspired by my Cath Kidston ironing board cover for the colours.

My favourite WIP to work on this week has been the Hearten Cowl which is the first Knitvent pattern of 2020. I’m in love with the colours I have chosen. I have minis from FeltFusion, Junction Ten on Etsy and Mr and Mrs Rabbit Yarns, then the rest is from stash.

It is such a comforting pattern and has been my TV knitting in the evenings this week. Candles lit, a nice hot cup of tea and an episode of Game of Thrones (Rob and I have started a re-watch). Cosy autumn loveliness.

My minis from Mr and Mrs Rabbit Yarns

I’ve snipped the last of the dahlias from the garden this week. This variety are cream with a pale purple edge. They are so gorgeous. It’s been my best year for dahlias but I definitely need to build some sort of structure for them to go through next year as some of them snapped in the high winds and others had such big flowers, they drooped into the soil!

Last Saturday, it was Halloween and I made us spooky waffles for breakfast. i just added a little green food colouring and some chocolate chips to the mixture and added some googly eyes. Everyone found it really funny!

Faye and I had fun making some cupcakes with Halloween themed fondant toppers.

Earlier this week, I took all of the Halloween decorations down and had a really good clean downstairs before putting all the autumn decorations back up.

I also made some shortbread biscuits this week and started reading a new book ‘The Giver of Stars’ by Jojo Moyes. I’m only a cople of chapters in but enjoying it so far. I have read most of Jojo Moyes’ other books and have enjoyed them all, so my expectations are high!

I haven’t managed to get any sewing done this week as a lot of my free time has been spent bunny searching! I’m hoping to find some time this weekend to start a new sewing project but we’ll see!

I’m also looking forward to casting on the next Knitvent project: the Tidings Shawl. I have been stash diving and selected my yarns. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn but I don’t have any and really want to use stash for as many of these projects as I can, so I decided to use double knit yarn. As one of the colours requires more than 100g, I had a choice of my main colour being a dusky pink or a navy blue. Naturally, I’m drawn to the pink, however, I knit the Bide shawl last year in a dusky pink so I went for the navy.

My yarns are:

  • Stylecraft Bellissima double knitting in shade 3931 ‘Double Denim’ x 2 100g balls
  • Stylecraft Bambino double knitting in shade 7117 ‘Sage’ x 1 100g ball
  • Stylecraft Batik double knitting in shade 1916 ‘Rose’ x 1 50g ball

Happy crafting! Xx

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