16. Winter Woollies

Hello! How are you? This week has gone by in a blur of busyness! I don’t feel like I’ve had any unproductive minutes in the last few days and I’ve fallen into bed each night and been asleep as soon as my head has hit the pillow!

My first finished project this week was the Sonder Shawl. This was a pattern from this book by Helen Stewart. I knit it from Stylecraft Special XL Chunky in the colourway ‘Mushroom’ and used approximately 500g (2 and a half balls) and 8mm needles. It has taken me far longer to knit this than it should have done given the weight of the yarn, but I think I prefer to work with smaller needles and yarn, and actually the chunkier the needles, the longer it takes me to knit!

Faye agreed to model it for me and then decided she’d actually rather like to keep it!

My second finished object this week is my Hearten Cowl. Oh my goodness, I have loved every single stitch of this project. The pattern was the first pattern in this year’s Knitvent by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade. I used a mixture of mini skeins and sock yarn leftovers and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Having cast off two projects, I decided to try and get on with the candy cane socks that I started last month. I have finished one and I’m aiming to make some good progress on the second one over the weekend. I challenged myself to knit these on small circulars as I always use dpns and wanted to branch out a bit more on my techniques and tools. It always feels a little bit uncomfortable when I start knitting but I generally relax into it. I really love this yarn and it’s definitely putting me in a festive mood!

The next two Knitvent patterns were released last Thursday, a cowl and matching hat, but I’ve decided not to cast these on now. I’m not really looking to make another cowl this month so I think I’ll go straight onto this week’s pattern which is a lovely pair of socks! I’ve selected my yarn but I may not cast on straight away until I have the other socks off the needles. I’ll see how I feel.

Last weekend, I made Faye some reuseable makeup pads. I cut out squares of cotton fabric and squares of towelling then zigzag stitched around the edge twice. She has used them and we have washed a few and they seem to have held together nicely. I’m going to make some for myself as well.

I had told myself that I couldn’t start another embroidery or cross stitch project until I’d finished the Disney castle. However, I decided this week that this was ridiculous rule seeing as I wasn’t feeling like working on that and instead was desperate to start a winter themed embroidery. Why does it matter if I finish he Disney cross stitch now or next April?! I love to make seasonal things and I think that is why I’ve stalled on the Disney cross stitch. So, I started! The pattern was in ‘Love Embroidery’ magazine that I have now subscribed to. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far as I seem to have no functioning hand sewing needles that aren’t cross stitch needles, so I had to order some more. Currently, the post is taking much longer than usual so they haven’t arrived yet. I’m very much looking forward to the stitching when they do.

You can probably guess that I’m really enjoying all the crafts at the moment. There are not enough free hours to make all of the things I want to! I have things stacked up ready to start and loads of ideas of things I’d like to make. It’s a lovely feeling to be so inspired and motivated. Long may it continue!

Until next time… Happy Crafting!

4 thoughts on “16. Winter Woollies

  1. You do seem to be having a wonderful time with your projects. I love it. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I agree with you about the large needles/chunky yarn. I knit slowly-much slower than usual. Needless to say, the shawl is lovely. As for Helen Stewart’s cowl, she always has such pretty designs.

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