23. Is it really only the 8th January?!

Hello, how are you? If you’re anything like me after a week of working from home whilst simultaneously homeschooling and looking after a puppy, you’re feeling just a teeny bit frazzled… Like me, you may also be wondering how the heck it is only 8th January?! But – we made it through to the weekend, didn’t we? So all is good. And better yet, much crafting was squeezed in at every possible opportunity and much more is planned for the upcoming weekend! Hoorah!

Through the Christmas break, I worked on adding the last few rows of hexagons to Faye’s quilt and then ordered the rest of the fabric I needed. The cream for the border arrived last weekend and I finally, finally got the top finished! I’m so incredibly pleased with it. I can’t really say it’s been a labour of love because honestly I have enjoyed making it even though the making has already spanned 3 years! I started making those hexies back in January 2018!

The absolutely gorgeous Liberty fabric arrived for the back along with the wadding, quilting pins and 505 spray that I ordered. I’m just waiting on the quilting hoop and some tape I’ve ordered so that I can join the wadding properly. The wadding I ordered isn’t quite big enough so I ordered two rolls and watched a YouTube video on how to join them properly. I’m excitedly apprehensive about the next steps!

I think I might actually have caught the quilting bug because last weekend I thought I’d just cut out some squares to make Cosmo a little mat with some Harry Potter fabrics I’ve had in stash for a while. Three hours later, I had finished all but the binding! I decided to hand-stitch the binding on after my last attempt at binding on the sewing machine. I also thought it would be good practice for my proper quilts. I finished sewing it on last night. I think he likes it! I only wish I’d made it a bit bigger. But there are plenty more stash fabrics to make him another one.

I mentioned in the last post about my beautiful new cross stitch kit from Little Dove Cross Stitch. I have planned to stitch each month in that particular month. I was enjoying stitching on it so much over the last few wintery evenings, that I finished January!

That’s all of my finished projects this week. I have made really good progress on my pink stripy socks that I cast on on 1st January for the Rainbow Sock Chronicles. As I was doing a 5 row repeat before changing colour with those beautiful minis from Lay Family Yarn, it did mean that I had a lot of ends to sew in. It took me about 2 hours and I have to admit that the ends aren’t a job I enjoy too much but look, it was totally worth it, wasn’t it?

I mentioned last week that I’m planning on getting some big projects finished this year. I started a crochet blanket for Cosmo while we were waiting for him to come home in July last year. Then when he did arrive, it took a back seat while we were in the throes of dealing with that new little pup. I quickly realised that it wouldn’t be safe to give him for a while anyway as he still has the occasional chew at his blankets, although he is getting better. I brought it out of hibernation last weekend and worked a row or two each evening. I’m using up Stylecraft Special DK stash and a 4mm hook, just crocheting trebles. I’ve decided that I need to do 200 rows and I’m currently on row 66, so still a fair way to go but it is one of those relaxing projects that doesn’t take a lot of concentration. I love having those projects on the go at all times.

I think I also mentioned last week that I was aiming to make at least 4 squares for my Battenberg blanket each day and I have managed to stay on track this week and sew the ends in (!), so I’m feeling really chuffed about that! I have been using up beautiful bits from other projects this week…

I’m very excited about all the projects I have planned for the next few weeks and months. As you know, I’m taking part in the Rainbow Sock Chronicles this year with my sock knitting and my rainbow blanket, so I wanted to make a designated project bag for my socks. Earlier this week, some gorgeous fabric arrived from The Fat Quarter Ltd. I can’t wait to get working on it over the weekend!

This morning I received the most happiest of mail from my friendly postman. A beautiful needle-minder from the amazing Chapel View Crafts and gorgeous stitch marker and pin from Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet. It was just the best thing after a tough week.

I don’t want to dwell on the current situation that we are all facing. I just hope you are okay. I hope you are finding a little bit of joy each day in whatever way you can. I try not to look too far ahead. I just accept that one day this will be a memory and I hope I can remember as many of those special little bits of time as possible.

There is good and bad in each day. One minute you’re receiving a lovely little parcel of joy from your friendly postie; the next you are cursing next door’s cat for leaving a horrible parcel outside for your curious puppy to eat. Why does he like to eat cat poo?!? Baffling! And he knows he’ll get told off for it!

I just find life a lot easier when I focus on the happy mail and quickly deal with the cat poo breath!

Sending virtual hugs out to anyone needing one! Happy crafting xx

3 thoughts on “23. Is it really only the 8th January?!

  1. I read your posts it’s like “blahblahblahCOSMOblahblah” because I just love that dog!!! Srrsly, though, you make some very beautiful things and your perspective is always pleasant and I am grateful for that. xoxo Regina
    PS. Razzle likes to nibble on deer poo. His breath smells like the 7th circle of h*ll after.

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