25. Pick and Mix

Another week complete! I hope you are keeping well. This week I seem to have been doing a little bit on all my projects so there are no finished projects to share with you this week. I don’t think my attention span has been too good this week as I was unable to focus on any one thing. I decided to just go with it and picked up which ever project I fancied working on in my early morning quiet starts, my relaxing evening hours and these long, peaceful weekends in the house.

It was exciting to get to a colour change on my Umbel Shawl this week and I’m just about ready to start the next one.

At the weekend, I cast on my Fern and Feather sweater. I made a few mistakes and had to frog and restart but I got into the swing of it (it does help if you read the pattern properly!) and I’m really enjoying knitting on it. As lovely as it is to see the yoke coming together, it is very slow knitting as this is only my second colourwork project, so I’m looking forward to skipping round and round those knit rows on the body.

The yarn from Dandelion and Dogwood is just beautiful for my Lion, Witch and Wardrobe socks. I haven’t done loads on these but I am enjoying working on them.

I shared my beautiful yarn purchase from Mr and Mrs Rabbit Yarns for their Liberty Sock Club last week and I couldn’t resist winding the skein and casting on another pair of socks. For added interest, I am purling every 9th and 10th round on the leg.

I’ve added another seven rows to Cosmo’s blanket and find the easiness of this project so soothing.

I used three mini skeins on my Battenberg squares this week. I’ve also ordered the yarn for the plain squares now and decided to go with a very pale grey rather than white or cream. I’m going to forge ahead on my pink/red squares until I have 105 and then make a start on the plain squares so I can start joining them together. I’m really excited about that!

As I was very low on orange, peach and yellow yarns for my Battenberg Blanket, I ordered some gorgeous mini skeins from Wild Rose Yarn.

Now, will I be brave enough to make my quilt sandwich this weekend so I can make a start on hand quilting Faye’s hexies quilt? I’ve been putting it off as I’m so worried I’m going to mess it up. It’s also difficult to find enough space in my little house to lay it all out flat. I think I need to just get it done and stop worrying. It’s never going to be perfect. It’s handmade! Wish me luck!

One thought on “25. Pick and Mix

  1. I really like the pattern on your shawl; very interesting stitch. Working the yoke on a color work sweater does take a little bit of time, but it is so sort-lived! I think a grey yarn for the Battenberg will offset the other squares beautifully. And those wild rose yarns…GORGEOUS!!

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