26. Snow Day!

Another week and still no finished projects to share with you. None of my current projects are near completion because I have a lot of projects on the go. The good thing is that I’m thoroughly enjoying working on all of them!

I think my most enjoyable project this week has been adding those little 10g minis from Lay Family Yarn to my Rainbow Granny Stripe Blanket. I added in all of the February palette pack and made a start on March too. I had intended to work on it month by month but I just really wanted to do it, so I did!

Having said that, I have LOVED working on my Fern and Feather sweater this week. Even though it is really slow work, it looks and feels lovely and I’m just enjoying it. It won’t be long before I finish on the yoke.

I haven’t made much progress on my Umbel shawl this week but it’s a beautiful pattern and I’m really spurred on at the thought of another equally gorgeous colour change coming soon! Confession – I have made a few little errors but have managed to get back on track and I do think it’s the kind of texture where you couldn’t really spot them. And the recipient really doesn’t mind… me!

I didn’t do such a good job of keeping up with my Battenberg squares this week. In fact, I went four straight days without making a single one and then attempted to catch up. I managed to crochet 22 but didn’t get round to sewing in the ends. I am still getting lots of enjoyment out of making them and I’m really excited to start making the plain squares and then beginning to join.

I’m not sure I’m going to join them in the recommended way as I want to start in the corner and join them diagonally so it requires a bit more thought. I may even sew them together rather than crocheting as I’m not keen on the ridge that crocheting them creates on the back with how tiny the squares are. I might give it a try and see how it looks. My yarn has arrived for the plain squares. I chose Drops Flora in the Light Grey (03) colourway. I ordered twenty balls so I hopeful that will be enough!

We had lots and lots of snow here on Sunday! This is just about the deepest snow we ever get and it’s not very often so it was really exciting. I must admit though that I am someone who loves looking at it through the window and letting the others go outside to play in it. Cosmo absolutely loved leaping about in it, eating it, catching snowballs! It was fun to watch.

Did you have any snow this week? I hope you are enjoying your crafts as much as I am.

Happy making xx

4 thoughts on “26. Snow Day!

  1. We had snow earlier this week and we are expecting another storm Sunday evening. My dog loves sitting in the snow. He’ll nibble all the snow around him then move to another location. He is always confounded when he is tossed a snowball and it disappears into the surroundings. What will be the final measurement of your Battenberg?

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