29. Happy Stitches

Hello and welcome to another crafty catch up! I’ve run out of steam a bit this week. Although, I am enjoying all of my projects, I have just had that urge to get some things finished but I haven’t managed it. Over the weekend, I made great progress on the Umbel Shawl and I’m now onto the final yarn colour, but the lace pattern requires even more concentration so I’m knitting really slowly. I think I have around 40 rows to go. I love how the colours looks together. It’s difficult to show you how it looks at the moment. Blocking at the end will really show it in all its lacy glory.

I completed my first month of the Happy Stitches Journal (Volume 1) and really enjoyed it. I added in ‘2021’ as this will be on the first page.

I’ve really enjoyed adding the full March palette pack from Lay Family Yarn into my Rainbow Granny Stripe Blanket this week. I have the yellows ready to wind up into a ball. I might attempt a magic knot ball this time, though I have never done one before, so we’ll see!

I worked some more on my Battenberg Blanket this week and the pink section is growing. I think maybe 2-3 weeks more of plain squares, then I’ll be onto the oranges and peaches. Although it’s not as fun to make the plain squares, because I’m joining them with the pink, it does motivate me to get on with it. I think if I was just crocheting a stack of plain squares, I might not be getting on with it so well!

I’ve been managing to hand quilt two circles on my hexies quilt each evening this week. I go upstairs straight after I’ve finished work and get them done and it takes me around 20 minutes. I’m definitely finding the hand quilting a challenge. I’m very awkward and my stitches are far too big but I’ve given up worrying about it. Better to just get on with it. It’s not like I’m entering it into a competition or anything, so why worry!

I’ve lost my sock mojo a bit this week and have only put a few rounds on the two pairs I’m working on. Hopefully, I can find it over the weekend!

I have quite a lot of year-long projects on the go which means I’m not really finishing much. I do like to give myself little check points so I feel like I’m getting somewhere. I think I need to get some of my shorter projects finished and hold off casting anything new on until they are complete. I have so many things I want to make this year, but if I’m not careful, I’ll find that I stop enjoying what I’m working on at the time because I’m too busy dreaming about what I want to start!

I hope you managed to work on your happy projects this week too. Until next time, Happy Crafting! Xx

One thought on “29. Happy Stitches

  1. Everything looks great. I love the granny stripe. I am working on one but it is of the scrappy nature so my colors aren’t so orderly. I am in love with how your Battenberg is coming along. I know I say this every time you post about it, but I can’t help myself. Don’t worry about your quilting stitches being too big. Work on even stitches and over time, you will improve. Besides, there is something very charming about less than perfect hand stitching.


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